Authorisation, passwords


Each user has one login for all the CTU services. So s/he needs to use services of FME or any other faculty, s/he uses still the same login which can be checked in DUPS (Database of IT services users)

For some specific purposes the login might have different format:

  • login (e.g. novakjan) ... for most systems, e-mail, Kos, fis and for the classrooms
  • MS\login (e.g. MS\novakjan) ... for Windows systems (RDS, DMS, SP, FSH...)
  • (e.g. ... for VPN and WiFi systems (eduroam), in this case is necessary to use mobility password

Please note: your e-mail address is not your login!

Main password

The main password at FME are uniform within the CTU. The password is then the same e.g. for FME, FCE and FEL. The passwords are managed by the system DUPS (Database of IT services users). where you can change the password. You can also set the password in the system USERMAP. Users are reminded that the password must be changed before it expires, how much is left before the password expires can be checked via DUPS (or USERMAP). The main password is valid for most systems and classrooms managed by IT centres (except for connecting to Wi-Fi and VPN).

Keep your main password secret and do not tell anyone. Enter it only when using applications and services provided by IT at CTU.

Mobility password

The user second password is the so called Mobility password which is valid only for Wi-Fi (eduroam) and VPN connections, it can be set in DUPS and it is necessary to know the original mobility password or main password.

Links - application DUPS - application USERMAP