Doctoral state examination

The state doctoral examination is governed by čl. 29 „Studijního a zkušebního řádu ČVUT v Praze“, English version is accessible under title Full Text of the Study and Examination Rules on
Request for the state examination can be found here.

Announcement of state doctoral examinations

Announcement of state doctoral examination can be found  here.

Basic conditions

The basic condition for admission to the state doctoral examination is the completion of all subjects, the fulfillment of the „Literature Review of Present state of Topic of Dissertation“ and „Study of Dissertation and Dicsussion“, which were prescribed in the individual study plan.

A prerequisite for the start of the procedure is the submission of the request for the state doctoral examination to the Department of Science and Research of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The request is listed above.

State doctoral examination

The state doctoral examination consists of exam in three subjects and a presentation on the dissertation being prepared.

The subjects include a theoretical basis course from the Department of Technical Mathematics (Dpt. 12101), a theoretical basis course of the program of Ph.D. student (TZ in code), a field course (OZ in code). The presentation on the dissertation is a basis for thorough discussion with the committee. It is recommended that the questions and comments of the committee members be taken into account when completing the final dissertation.

The state doctoral examination is commission-based.

After the successful passing of the state doctoral examination, Ph.D. student completes his publications and Ph.D. dissertation.