Social Benefit of R&D&I

Over the past 20 years, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (FME) has built in many areas what is nowadays modernly called the ecosystem of university-industrial cooperation.

The ecosystem is a R&D and teaching background of a university made up of the knowledge of academics, often a unique instrument and experimental base, and study programs to educate students in the field. For the creation of ecosystems, however, it is necessary to have the entire sequence from basic through applied to industrial R&D. The aim of ecosystem building is to make industrial enterprises already active in the Czech Republic (CR) to be globally competitive with benefits for the Czech economy and standard of living and to make the CR a sought-after attractive country for R&D and production of new high-tech products.

In fact, FME is becoming a catalyst for the development of the Czech economy. Ecosystems were created for the automotive, machine tool, aerospace, energy and manufacturing industries.