Application Process

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PhD Thesis Topics

Are you wondering about Ph.D. study

1) Read general information

In general, candidates for doctoral degree programs at CTU have to choose the study program before the submission of their application for study. Applications for study should be submitted via application, only afterwards with signatures of candidate, future supervisor and head of the department to the Department of Science and Research.

There are usually two rounds of applications per year, i. e. 30/4 and 15/10.

Candidate must specify the program, the intended doctoral thesis topic and the intended supervisor, which has to be chosen from the offer presented at web pages of the Faculty – above in the document PhD Thesis Topics.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) – PhD Study Information and Rules

English version is accessible under title Full Text of the Study and Examination Rules on

2) Observe the above mentioned rules and find a proper program and an intended doctoral thesis theme

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) – Doctoral study programme and fields of study

List of doctoral thesis topics

3) Contact future supervisor FME S&R Department by sending a message featuring

The applicant addresses the future supervisor according to the topic he chooses from the list. Contacts are available after writing their last name in the People section of the faculty website. When the applicant gets supervisor’s explicit consent via e-mail, he can proceed with the application process

4) Application submitting

After pre-arranging and confirming the thesis theme, you have to submit your application for study via
The applicant must attach six appendices in pdf format:

  1. professional CV,
  2. list of published, unpublished works (unpublished works can include bachelor's and master's theses) and other results of scientific and research activities,
  3. diploma and addendum (Bc. and Eng./Ing./MSc.) in the case of foreign education, a decision on the assessment of foreign education for the admission procedure (further procedure:, if the decision is delivered to the applicant after the finalizing of this application, the decision should be sent to
  4. annotation of master thesis,
  5. motivation letter,
  6. supervisor's consent in email in .pdf format.

The application created in should be signed and sent to the address or to e-mail
Department for Science & Research
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
Technická 4
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic

5) Entrance examination

On the basis of the application the competent program board will organize the entrance examination.
The objective of the admission procedure is to determine the applicant’s ability for studying in a doctoral study program, to prove the applicant’s independent creative activities and to determine the adequacy of her/his professional knowledge. These requisites are verified in the entrance examination, which includes also a discussion of the dissertation topic and project. Also the sufficient knowledge of the chosen study language is proved during the entrance examination. The candidate uses the chosen language in all parts of the entrance examination.
The exam will take place approximately one month after the deadline for applications admitting and all applicants will be informed by mail.
The decision on admitting or not admitting will be sent to applicants after the successful passing of the entrance exam and delivering the decision on the assessment of foreign education.

6) Delivering of admission letter

If the applicant lives in a country with visa relations with the Czech republic, it is advisable that he also directly applies for accommodation in the dormitories at CTU, pays the fee and applies for a contract on the future accommodation contract. If the applicant directly requests that this contract is sent to the Department for Science and Development of the FME CTU, it is possible to send this document together with the other acceptance documents.
Applicants for visa often require documents to be sent via DHL, it is necessary for the applicant to send an e-mail directly with data that will be valid even after the entrance exam: exact address including zip code, passport number, e-mail, phone.
The usual condition for obtaining visa is also the payment of fee in the amount of 1,000 CZK and the purchase of health insurance for a student stay in the Czech Republic.
The fee should be paid for an enrolment in each academic year.
Number of account for the payment of fee after admission
Payment from abroad: IBAN: CZ 420 100 000019 5505030267; SWIFT: KOMBCZ PPXXX
Payment from the Czech Republic: 19-5505030267/0100
Variable symbol: 68407700
Bank: Commercial Bank, a.s., Prague 6
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague
Address: Technická 4, Praha 6, Czech Republic
The fee is non-refundable.