Significant applied research results with an impact other than an economic one on society


Indoor Climate Analysis in the Holy Cross Chapel of the Karlštejn Castle (Research Report)

Protection of indoor spaces and exhibited cultural monuments, especially historical paintings, and their preservation for future generations.

Methodological Guideline for the Design of School Ventilation (Software)

Impact on children's health.


The Basic Feasibility Study for the Use of Hydric Reclamation on the Territory of the Ústí Region for Energy Purposes - Pumped Storage Power Plant (Research Report)

Impact on the environment, use of reclaimed area after mined brown coal surface mines.


On-Road And Laboratory Emissions of NO, NO2, NH3, N2O And CH4 fom Late-Model EU Light Utility Vehicles: Comparison of Diesel And CNG. (Article – The Science of the Total Environment)

Impact on the environment, quality of life and human health.

Application of fuzzy logic for monitoring of appearance of heat waves in large towns (Article – Mendel - Soft Computing Journal)

Impact on the environment, cooling effect of vegetation on the climate in large towns.