Awards for R&D&I

Award of Technology Agency of the CR in the Partnership category - project of Josef Božek Automotive Industry Competence Center.

Article (video only in Czech)

Best Cooperation of the Year 2016 Special prize of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the CR – project Advanced control and optimization of heat pump operation, cooperation of FEM and Honeywell, Ltd.

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Czech Innovation Award 2015 - Motion thread mechanism as the best collaboration between a research organization and an industrial enterprise.

Prize of the Chairman of the Grant Agency of the CR for 2016 - for grant solution: Biomechanical modeling of human voice creation - way to artificial vocal cords.

Article (video only in Czech)

Gold Medal of the 58th International Engineering Fair in Brno 2016 in the category of Innovations in Transport and Logistics for the prototype of the ultralight aircraft UL-39 Albi.

Article 1 ; Article 2

Gold Medal 59 International Engineering Fair in Brno 2017 - prototype of WeldPrint MCV 5X.


International Award for Lifetime Achievement in Turbomachine Research Prof. Pavel Šafařík.

European Federation of Chemical Engineering Personal Recognition Award in Mixing Prof. Pavel Ditl.


Edwin Walker Prize 2014 by The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Power Industries Division) London, UK for an article: Petr, V., Kolovratník, M .: Wet steam energy loss and related Baumann rule in low pressure steam turbine. Journal of Power and Energy. 2014, 228 (2), 206-215.


1st place for presentation of Nanomechanical Characterization of Titanium Alloy Modified by Nitrogen Ion Implantation at 18th Int. Conf. on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 2016