Student Teams

Here you will find a list of student groups and clubs active at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the CTU in Prague.

These groups are involved in many activities, including the development of challenging projects.



A long-term project whose primary goal is to create a database of detailed digital 3D models of nuclear power plants by students and academics from Czech universities and secondary schools in cooperation with experts from the nuclear industry.

eForce Formula Prague

The Formula Student team, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

[Update 2023] As of September 2023, the CTU CarTech team from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has teamed up with the team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and they will continue to jointly develop a fully electric and unmanned formula. The new name of the team is eForce Formula Prague.

CTU AeroLab

Student team engaged in the creation of competitive drones, which represents CTU at global competitions. They work at the Departmnent of Aerospace Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU.

CTU Space Research

A student university team that develops, builds and tests space technology.

CTU Robotics – Space Rover Team

We are developing a space rover with which we plan to represent CTU at international competitions.

Engineering Student Club

A student club at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the CTU in Prague, whose aim is to bring industry closer to students and enrich their studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with direct experience of experts from practice.

Young Manufacturing Leaders

A community of young leaders in manufacturing technology.
YML raises awareness of manufacturing opportunities and spreads knowledge of the skills needed in the industry. It supports its members through various activities such as peer-to-peer workshops, mentoring with professionals and entrepreneurs, and participation in  World Manufacturing Foundation activities.