Department of Aerospace Engineering

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To the Sky and Stars

The department was established in 1976 and since then has more than 1200 graduates. The department is engaged in education, research and development of aeronautical technology.

The Department carries out a very extensive scientific, research and development activities focused on many areas according to specific needs of the aviation practice. We collaborate with a number of industrial manufacturing companies and operators of aviation technology participate on many national and international projects. The Department of Aerospace Engineering also participates in the activities of the Centre for Aviation and Space Research with the support of the Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the CTU in Prague. The CTU and the Department of Aerospace Engineering participate in international cooperation of aviation universities, primarily as members of the Pegasus Group (The Partnership of European Group of Aeronautic and Space Universities), and as members of the New Caesar Canada / EU project and the EAI (European Aerospace Institute).

Over the last 15 years the Department conducted design, production, strength testing and first flight of the following aircrafts: ZM-02, Typhoon, Skyleader 100, UL-39 (first flight expected 2015/2016)