Department of Aerospace Engineering


Ground frequency tests of aircrafts

  • PULSE FFT analyser of dynamic response
  • ACCELEROMETER piezoelectric acceleration sensor (14g, 71g, 500g, single-axis, three-axis)
  • DYNAMOMETER piezoelectric force sensor (1000 N)
  • DRIVERS Energizing electromagnetic vibratory driver for driving construction (0.1Hz to 1kHz)
  • RECOVERY BAGS to release the aircraft from the base frame (3pc)

Strength tests of aircraft

  • DYNAMOMETERS: Strain gauge force sensors GTM series K 25kN, 50kN, 200kN
  • GENERATOR BOXES: Inova EU 3000, 3x HBMSpider 8
  • CONTROL SYSTEM: Inova EU 3000

Experimental aerodynamics

  • WIND TUNNEL - 150kW power, measuring space 0,7x0,7m speed 70 m/s
  • PNEUMATIC MEASUREMENT - multi-port probes, pressure scanners
  • POWER MEASUREMENT - force-measuring units built in measured models
  • HOT WIRE ANEMOMETRY - CTA four-channel high-speed data logger
  • CALIBRATION OF AERODYNAMIC PROBES - speed and directional calibration
  • INTERNAL FLOW - air source for measurement of the flow to 15kW

Measurement turn powertrains

  • Software - own measuring program in NI Labview
  • Temperatures - T type thermocouple wires
  • Media Flow – Flow measurement
  • Pressures - the control unit or commercial pressure gauge
  • Pull - strain gauge force transducers

Troubleshooting by analytical or numerical procedures

  • NASTRAN software for FEM for numerical analysis of internal tension structure, deformation, aeroelasticity or geometry optimization
  • FLUENT software for CFD aerodynamic analysis of flow and pressure field
  • UN-NX, CATIA software for engineering design and 3D modeling of parts, assemblies and entire aircraft