Department of Aerospace Engineering

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Prospective students

How to become a top engineer in Mechanical Engineering fields?

Gain a good theoretical knowledge while studying .
Deepen your knowledge further in the master degree programme , field Transportation, Aerospace and Handling Technology
or in the follow-up master degree programme
Aeronautics and Astronautics, field Aerospace Technology.

Field Transportation, Aerospace and Handling Technology will enable you to:

  • Become a highly qualified expert for the development and construction of all machines, particularly of transport, aviation, conveyance and manufacturing machines and mechatronic systems,
  • Be able to analyse and specify the design problem, be creative in proposing solutions, perform detailed design and optimal sizing of equipment or machinery and determine its durability and reliability.

The field Aerospace Technology will enable you to:

  • get deeper knowledge in fundamental theoretical and engineering disciplines of aircraft and space technology such as aerodynamics, flight mechanics, basics of astronautics, engines theory, strength and durability of aircraft structures, aircraft materials, technology of aircraft production, reliability of aircraft equipment, aircraft technology operations, navigation and flight control systems, aircraft avionics and instrumentation systems of aircraft, aircraft and equipment maintenance,
  • improve your communication skills and develop teamwork and project work thanks to the participation in courses focused on rhetoric and managerial training.