Department of Aerospace Engineering

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Research Activities

Laboratory of the Department of Aerospace Engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering performs static and dynamic tests of metallic and composite structures, including tensometric measurement and frequency analysis. Tests are performed both in laboratories and in partner organizations.

Further research and training activities of the Department of Aerospace Engineering

  • Projects of aircraft and drive units
  • Aeroelasticity and modal analysis
  • Flutter certificates for light sporting planes
  • Tensiometric measurement of metals and composites
  • Composite materials and technologies
  • Unmanned systems UAV
  • Numerical modelling – FEM, CFD
  • Strength analysis and structure testing
  • Non-destructive testing methods
  • Airplane propellers
  • Flight aerodynamics and mechanics
  • Ripping machines, testing materials
  • Safety and reliability of aircraft structures
  • National and European research projects