Process Engineering

What will you learn?

Your profile will be defined by the following subjects: hydro mechanical, thermal and diffusion separation processes and reactors and other subjects focused on construction, deeper knowledge of elasticity, plasticity and mechanics.

Upon graduation you will master not only the design of processing lines and larger production units, but also the issue of design and construction of machinery and equipment including necessary procedural and strength calculations.

Future career

zamereni_studia/procesni_technika/procesni_01.jpgAs a graduate of this programme you can engage in research, development or focus on projecting machines, production lines and factories in engineering, engineering and supply companies as well as companies of users. You can work in management of operations, maintenance and repair of basic funds. You will find suitable jobs mainly in the chemical, food and consumer industries, but also in the primary areas of mining and processing of raw materials, in power plants, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, services and other elements of infrastructure.