Power Engineering

What will you learn?

zamereni_studia/energetika/energetika_01.jpgDepending on your interests you can choose a more narrow focus in the field of energy: combustion equipment and boilers, thermal turbines, industrial power and nuclear energy. You will get comprehensive knowledge of energy focused primarily on the development, design, construction and energy technology machines and systems. You will be trained to solve theoretical and applied scientific issues in the various sectors of energetics, i.e. production and consumption of electricity, heat and cold.

Future career

As a graduate you will master solving theoretical and applied scientific issues in various sectors of energetics. These are the areas of design, construction and operation of power generating machinery and equipment for conventional and nuclear power plants, cooling equipment and heat pumps, equipment using renewable energy sources and pneumatic and hydraulic machines. You will find suitable jobs in development, research and design departments, leading positions in power plants, in state administration and in the areas of energy consulting and audits.