Instrumentation and Control Engineering

What will you learn?

zamereni_studia/procesy_pristroje_optika/prt_03.jpgThis field of study is particularly focused on mastering automatic control, informatics and technology of instrumentation, including programming languages and applications. You will find this experience and skills useful to work independently when projecting complex control devices.

Also, you will enhance your knowledge of operating systems and database systems and computer models.

Future career

As graduates of this programme you will find suitable jobs in design and construction of standard measurement instrumentation (i.e. instruments for measurement of pressure, flow, temperature, power, acceleration, speed, etc.) and special devices (using nanotechnology, ultrasound systems to detect internal defects in material and special visualization appliances, cameras, etc.), including instruments to support natural science research (binoculars, telescopes). You can also engage in modelling and optimizing the properties of controlled systems (e.g. power distribution systems, HVAC systems, remote hot water network), in design of control systems of the internal environment of interiors, analysis of complex energy systems (boilers, turbines, power units), and in automation of machinery and equipment for the processing industry.