What will you learn?

zamereni_studia/vyrobni_linky_roboti/rob_03.jpgYou will be able to creatively apply the knowledge of theoretical mechanics, theory of elasticity, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, you will also master the issues of systems dynamics analysis, synthesis and design of mechanisms, optimal dimensioning of machine components, determining the lifetime of machinery and checking their reliability.

You will learn to solve challenging stationary and non-stationary internal and external tasks of mechanics of compressible and incompressible fluids, theory of thermal calculations of machinery and equipment. You will also gain knowledge in interdisciplinary fields like mechatronics, biomechanics, mathematical modelling and aerodynamics of atmospheres.

Besides the traditional engineering disciplines, you will study modelling and simulation of mechatronic systems, theory of computer control, electronics, microprocessors and digital signal processors, artificial intelligence, design methodologies, methods of encouraging creativity and software engineering.

You will master methods and means of experimental engineering research of machines and structures.

Future Career

Stanete se inženýry se strojařským oborem připraveným na práci v mechatronickém týmu.

You will become engineers with specialization in mechanical engineering ready to work in a mechatronic team. You can find suitable jobs in all fields of mechanical engineering focused on design and manufacture of mechatronic products. You can become highly qualified experts for research, development and practice of engineering fields when applying mechatronics as a synergy of machines (physical systems) with electronics (information processing) and intelligent computer control (complex decision-making processes).