Applied Mechanics

st_programy/strojni_inzenyrstvi/stri_06_01.jpgWhat will you learn?

You will focus mainly on the field of continuum mechanics and a closer focus on both the mechanics of solids and deformable bodies and environment. As graduates of this programme you will be able to use your knowledge of theoretical mechanics, theory of elasticity, fluid mechanics and thermomechanics and you will master the analysis of dynamics of systems, synthesis and design of mechanisms, setting optimal dimensions of machinery parts, defining the lifetime of machinery and checking their reliability. You will be able to deal with complex stationary and non-stationary internal and external tasks of mechanics of compressible and incompressible fluids, theory of thermal calculations of machinery and equipment. You will also get knowledge in the operation of mechanical systems for active influence on their properties in mechatronics.

Future career

This programme is designed to enable the graduates to easily find jobs as developers and managers of large database systems, and also the creators of control applications for technical systems. Given the extensive theoretical fundamentals of the programme, graduates can also use all the tools of applied mathematics and mechanics in operation and for adaptation of operation systems, information systems and instrumentation systems.