Major international and national patents

Patent Year Title
European patent
EP 2732928B1 2018 Redundant Delta Manipulator
EP 3183098B1 2018 A Device for Control of a Spherical Motion of a Body
American patent
US 9364932 2016 Device for a body's spherical motion control
US 9358646 2016 Supporting structure for repositionable and reconfigurable manipulating arms
US 9297332 B2 2016 Cylinder head with annular valve for internal-combustion engine
US 10139327 B2 2018 Indentation device, instrumented measurement system, and method for determining the mechanical properties of materials by the indentation method
Czech licenced patent
CZ 305435
Licence UCHYTIL s.r.o., Brno, CZ
2015 Fluidized bed furnace air distributor
Other foreign patents
Russian Federation, RU 2538038 2014 Electronic Circuit for the Evaluation of Information from Variable Electric Resistance Sensors
China, Patent CN 105143721 2017 An apparatus for opening and closing a lid pivotally connected to a frame, especially a car boot lid