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Information for first year

Information for first year

he organization principles of foreign language courses at FME of CTU are set out in White Book in the section Optional courses - Department of Languages.

Brief summary of principles

Students in bachelor's programme have an obligation to pass a foreign language exam, i.e. bachelor's exam. We recommend to take this exam in the language you master most. In terms of organization, the exam is scheduled for 2nd year in White Book. The exam can be taken in any year of undergraduate study. We recommend not to sign up for the exam in 1st semester and read carefully all exam requirements before (on the website of the Department of Languages, see the link “to download”) and prepare for the exam in optional courses. The exam corresponds to the level you reach after attending the Upper-Intermediate level course.
If your skills do not meet the requirements to attend the course "Language - Intermediate", the Department of Languages strongly recommends attending other optional courses at a lower level. Curricula of the courses are listed in White Book – Optional courses - Department of Languages.

Based on experience, the Department of Languages recommends to sign up:

Secondary-school graduates of grammar school      courses xI *(I - intermediate) - 2 semesters
Secondary-school graduate of technical schools     courses xPI + xI *(PI - pre-intermediate, I - intermediate) - 4 semesters
* x - abrreviation of a chosen language
E – English, G – German, F – French, R – Russian, S – Spanish– Spanish courses are provided only for beginners and pre-intermediate level. In the event that a student wants to take the exam for bachelor courses in Spanish, his/her application to obtain an assessment from the course "Spanish - Intermediate" will be solved individually with the head of the Department of Languages).

The exam has two parts: written and oral.

Codes of subjects for bachelor exam

ZBAN 2041061 Angličtina - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
UACJ 2041067 Český jazyk (UA - Ukrajina) ZK 130B [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBCZ 2041066 Čeština - bakalářská zkouška ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBFR 2041063 Francouzština - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBNE 2041062 Němčina - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBRU 2041065 Ruština - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBSP 2041064 Španělština - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]


Recognized certificates and state exams

The students who have passed the state exam in foreign language or obtained an internationally recognized certificate, will take only the oral part of the exam focused on professional language. For the codes of the courses (subjects) see White book – optional courses.

Schedule of courses

see the link here. Choose a course that will suit your schedule. Enrol for this course and if necessary (the time of the classes is not convenient for you) plan consultation with the tutor.

How to sign up

First, enrol for the course in the Department of Education and Student Affairs and after this enrolment is approved by an officer, you will add it by yourself into your electronic schedule (KOS - component study) based on the assigned user name and password (DUPS password).

Requirements for exams

Are available in the secretariat of the Department of Languages and on the website of the Department before the courses begin.
Besides compulsory language courses for the bachelor exam, all students of FME have the opportunity to attend another optional course - Foreign language: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish. These languages are taught in 4 levels (beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate), Spanish courses are available only at the level of beginners and pre-intermediate.
The courses begin on the first day of the semester!