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English originated in England and belongs to the West Germanic language group. It is the third most widely spoken native language in the world. Today, English is spoken in many countries around the world.


English for beginners

Corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference A1. Objectives: To learn common expressions of everyday life in spoken and written form. To understand basic expressions of general scientific terminology and use them properly.


Basic information on English pronunciation, numerals, present simple, personal and possessive pronouns, comparatives and superlatives, articles, telling the time
Topics for conversation: Personal information, family, jobs, hobbies, daily routine, shopping
Technical part: Materials, machines, simple description

Pre-intermediate English

Corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference A2. Objectives: to understand clear standard speech on familiar topics which students meet at school and in their free time. To be able to hold a conversation on these topics. To write simple texts about familiar topics. To be able to read and comprehend simple texts. To improve their professional language.


Past simple, future tense, some/any/no, there is/are, date
Topics for conversation: Personal history, town, food, writing letters
Technical part: Units of measurement (description, specification), mathematical expressions and operations, geometry, instructions, localization

Intermediate English

Corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference B1. The aim is to improve language skills with regard to the technical language and common terminology. To understand the standard speech in foreign language and hold conversation on topics from everyday life - at school, at work and leisure time, at an intermediate level. To extend grammar knowledge.


Present perfect, expressing purpose, gerund, verbs followed by infinitive, conditionals, word forming
Topics for conversation: Completing topics, studying at a university, favourite activities, correspondence
Technical part: Materials, description of a machine and processes, car parts, maintenance

Upper-intermediate English

Corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference B1 – B2. The aim is to understand without difficulty English discourse and expert lectures on familiar topics. Students are expected to participate actively in discussions on familiar topics. The students are supposed to have upper-intermediate level of written and spoken English, to be able to write a resume, report and essay. Reading comprehension of popular scientific articles/texts within the field of study without difficulty. Grammatical structures will be extended to upper-intermediate level.


Subordinate clauses, present perfect, modals, word forming
Topics for converstaion:  
Technical part: Education, science and research, sources of energy, environment, interpreting graphs

English exams - requirements

ZBAN 2041061 Angličtina - bakalářská zkouška [dokumenty]
ZMAN 2041081 Angličtina - magisterská zkouška [dokumenty]