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Bachelor and master

Courses of foreign language and examination in bachelor programme

The curriculum of bachelor's degree programme contains, among others, an exam in one foreign language. The exam is taken upon finishing the compulsory course (XXX - Bachelor Exam), which is attended during the semester and is focused on supplementing knowledge of grammar and terminology.
Students may enrol at any time during the study. In case the student fails and needs to enrol for the same course for the second time, it is recommendable to do so in the penultimate semester as the latest. This subject is planned for the fourth semester in the curriculum as it is assumed that during the previous semesters students will improve their language skills, especially professional terminology, in the courses (optional courses).

Codes of subjects for bachelor exam

ZBAN 2041061 Angličtina - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
UACJ 2041067 Český jazyk (UA - Ukrajina) ZK 130B [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBCZ 2041066 Čeština - bakalářská zkouška ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBFR 2041063 Francouzština - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBNE 2041062 Němčina - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBRU 2041065 Ruština - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZBSP 2041064 Španělština - bakalářská zkouška Z,ZK 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]


Foreign language is a language other than student's mother tongue or official language in the state where the student is a citizen. The exam can be taken also in a different language than the above stated. However, the student must apply in writing for an exemption to the Vice-dean for Education and get his consent. The exam can also be recognized if the student has already passed it. Also in this case, the student must apply in writing for an exemption to the Vice-dean for Education and get his consent. The students who have successfully passed an internationally recognized exam or state exam at the language school and have a certificate, will take only the oral part of the exam focused on professional language.
The consent is also necessary for the citizens of former Soviet republics, if they choose Russian as a foreign language. For study programmes, where lessons are taught in Czech, Czech language is not considered as a foreign language and a possible exam in Czech cannot be recognized as fulfilling the obligations for bachelor exam in new or newly accredited bachelor's programmes.

Courses of foreign languages and exams in Master‘s programme

According to the new accreditation the student must pass one foreign language exam during the study, and it must be a language other than the one the student chose for the exam in bachelor's degree programme. The test must be preceded by a preparatory compulsory courses of the chosen language.
Based on their language skills the student decides if s/he first extends his/her language skills (especially professional terminology) in optional language courses (the list and basic information about the courses can be found in White book, section “Optional courses”)
Compulsory courses are preparing the students to pass the language exam. By selecting a specific language, the subject becomes the compulsory subject for the student. Compulsory courses must be enrolled at the latest in 3rd semester. In the event that the subject has not been passed successfully, the student may enrol for it for the second time in 4th semester.
If the student wants to enrol for the exam, s/he must first be awarded assessment from the preparatory courses. This condition is important not only for administrative enrolment of the exam student's record (booklet), but especially for enrollment in KOS. The subject Master's exam can be enroled for at any time during the academic year, but only after obtaining the assessment for preparatory classes.

Codes of subjects for doctoral exam

PVAN 2043081 Angličtina - přípravná výuka Z 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
PVCZ 2043086 Čeština - přípravná výuka Z 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
PVFR 2043083 Francouzština - přípravná výuka Z 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
PVNE 2043082 Němčina - přípravná výuka Z 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
PVRU 2043085 Ruština - přípravná výuka Z 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
PVSP 2043084 Španělština - přípravná výuka Z 0P+2C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]

Kódy předmětů magisterských zkoušek

ZMAN 2041081 Angličtina - magisterská zkouška ZK 0P+0C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZMCZ 2041086 Čeština - magisterská zkouška ZK 0P+0C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZMFR 2041083 Francouzština - magisterská zkouška ZK 0P+0C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZMNE 2041082 Němčina - magisterská zkouška ZK 0P+0C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZMRU 2041085 Ruština - magisterská zkouška ZK 0P+0C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]
ZMSP 2041084 Španělština - magisterská zkouška ZK 0P+0C [anotace] [rozvrh] [dokumenty]