Department of Process Engineering

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pracoviste/12118/tech_piv_01.jpgGraduates master modern methods of obtaining scientific information, methods of experimental data acquisition and evaluation. They are led to the systematic design and technical-economical evaluation of process variants, concepts of processing lines and detailed solutions subsystems for machinery and equipment. They control the strength and structural design of pressure vessels and problems of designing production lines. A substantial part of the acquired knowledge is the use of computer technology for scientific and engineering calculations, experimental data collection, control and simulation of processes with use of designing methods CAD, design and use of computer networks. Mechanical engineers with this professional profile quickly adapt in research, development and design of machines, production lines and factories in mechanical engineering, engineering and supply companies and companies of users. They can work in operations management, maintenance and repair of basic funds. They find suitable jobs mainly in the chemical, food and consumer industries, but also in primary spheres of mining and processing of raw materials, in power plants, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, services and other areas of infrastructure.