Department of Process Engineering

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Research Activities

Areas of expertise

  • Mixing, blending and mixing equipment. Dispersing technology and equipment.
  • Heat exchangers (design, calculations, testing, optimization).
  • Hydro-mechanical processes and equipment (transport of fluids, filters, separators, centrifuges and cyclones, fluidization).
  • Processes and devices for heat transfer (heat exchangers, evaporators, driers, heating and cooling agents).
  • Processes and equipment for the mass transfer (absorption, adsorption, distillation and rectification, crystallization and dissolving, extraction, membrane processes).
  • Reactors and bioreactors.
  • Equipment for Biotechnology (waste processing, biofuels, organic materials, bioplastics).
  • Technology and equipment for wastewater and gas treatment.
  • Equipment for mechanical disintegration of materials (crushing, grinding).
  • Food technology and equipment.
  • Technology of production of biodegradable materials.
  • Modelling and managing processes, production lines and equipment.
  • Experimental determination of physical and chemical properties of real materials.
  • Rheological properties of real materials.
  • The energy and mass balance and optimization manufacturing lines and technologies.
  • Design and construction in the area chemical, food and processing industries, biotechnology and related fields.