Department of Process Engineering

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  • Designing technologies, design of machines and equipment for chemical, food, processing industry and biotechnology, energy optimization and energy savings.
  • Expert reports, technical reports and research in chemical, food, processing industry and biotechnology.
  • Specialized courses and trainings for the public.
  • Design and optimization of mixing devices for mixing homogeneous and heterogeneous batches.
  • Experimental determination of process characteristics for various types of stirrers (input, homogenization, suspension, dispersion, heat transfer, ...) in a laboratory and pilot mode.
  • Experimental determination of flow properties using a rotational rheometer materials ranging from 0.001 to 0.032 Pa.s.
  • Measurement of distributive particle size in the range of 0.3 µm - 2 mm (laser analyzer, sieve analysis, optical microscopy).
  • Measurement of hydraulic characteristics of various piping components, parts or systems and heat exchangers.
  • Measurement of thermo-physical and electrical properties of substances.
  • Experimental determination of the drying curves for different materials, depending on the drying temperature and speed of the drying air.