Department of Process Engineering

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Fields of study

Bachelor 4-year study programme , field Power engineering and Process engineering, specialization Process engineering.

Graduates of this field with specialization in "Process technology" master basic knowledge of manufacturing technologies that will enable them to solve engineering design and implementation of equipment that apply in managing manufacturing processes and lines in the fields of food, chemical and consumer industries or sectors of biotechnology and environmental protection. Graduates gained practical knowledge and skills that enable them to participate in solving complex projects, ranging from computing processes and design proposals to the management and implementation of production units. They also find suitable positions in engineering and supplier companies and also in our factories, which can operate in the management of operations and maintenance.

Master study programme for bachelor graduates , field .

Graduates gain theoretical knowledge and skills that will enable them to tackle projects ranging from computing processes, the design of apparatus through the design of the production line for the technology to managing and implementing projects in the food, chemical and manufacturing industries. The profiling subjects include engineering field hydromechanical, and thermal and diffusion separation processes and reactors, and also subjects focused on design, deepening knowledge of elasticity, strength and mechanics. After graduating students can fully control not only designing process lines and larger production units, but also the issue of design and construction of individual machines and equipment including necessary process and strength calculations.

Doctoral study programme .

Based on deep theoretical knowledge and other skills, graduates are able to act comprehensively and objectively, to evaluate and formulate achieved initial results of given task of R & D, including its international presentation or realization, even taking into account their mental protection. Graduates with this profile are in the industrial sector capable of using the latest techniques and trends to design technology, machinery and equipment in specialist areas such as processes, equipment and lines for the chemical, food and consumer industries, biotechnology and industrial ecology, and for the pharmaceutical industry, plastic, hydrometallurgical and related industries.