Department of Process Engineering

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The Department of Process Engineering focuses on the construction of machinery and equipment for food, chemical, processing and FMCG industry, equipment for biotechnology and for cleaning waste water and gases. Typical outputs of our projects and design are the distillation columns, filters, mixers, heat exchangers, dryers, reactors and bioreactors. For example, the distillation columns are used both in the production of spirits and processing of crude oil. Filters and heat exchangers are used in wastewater treatment and gas purification, in the production of beer, but you can find them also in every car. Mixing devices can be found not only in households but also in chocolate factories, in the production of paint or tires, in the reactors in the production of plastics or aerobic or anaerobic bioreactors. In connection with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering would very few people think about such specific equipment, despite the fact that it helps creating products without which our everyday life could hardly be imagined. From the viewpoint of the GDP, this field covers more than 40% of the total volume of industry.

Among the subjects which will create your professional profile belong hydromechanic, thermal and diffusion separation processes, reactors and bioreactors and also subjects focused on construction, deepening your knowledge of elasticity, strength and mechanics. After graduation you will not only master the design of process lines and larger production units, but also the issue of the design and construction of machinery and equipment including the necessary procedural and strength calculations. This allows graduates to work in research and development, design, manufacture and maintenance. Some of the graduates also lead design teams where they supervise other professional fields.