Department of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering

Fields of study

The department provides lectures in the following fields and programmes:

Bachelor study programme (Bc.): Master study programme(Ing.):
  • study programme Master of Automotive Engineering, taught in cooperation with partner schools ENSTA Bretagne (France), HAN Arnhem (Netherlands), TU Chemnitz (Germany), IT Bandung (Indonesia). First year of study provides a general foundation of automotive engineering, and can be studied at these schools:
    • CTU in Prague (in English)
    • TU Chemnitz (in German)
    • ENSTA Bretagne (in French)
    • IT Bandung (in English).
    • Computation and Modelisation (ENSTA Bretagne, in French)
    • Design of Vehicles (ENSTA Bretagne, in French)
    • Vehicles Dynamics and Clean Driveline Control Systems (HAN Arnhem, sin English)
    • Fuel Cell Drives (TU Chemnitz, in German)
    • Advanced Powertrains (CTU in Prague, in English).
Doctoral programme (Ph.D.):