Department of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering

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Research Activities

Research on functional properties of the rolling stock

We process evaluation and plans for assemblies (e.g. car suspension, moving of wheel set, set of traction motor + axle transmissions) used in the slides and drives for rail vehicles with regard to meeting the requirements of traffic safety in accordance with applicable standards and TSI. Our department performs simulation calculations of drive of rolling stock.

We cooperate with Skoda Transportation, J.S.C. on the development of components for modern rolling stock. We investigate the possibilities of application of mechatronic elements in traction of rolling stock and the issue of the impact of inequality track to torsional dynamics of wheelset drive.

Symbiosis of Department of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering and Centre for vehicles of Sustainable Mobility (Czech acronym CVUM)

Department of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering CVUM (VTP Roztoky) connect researchers and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague with researchers from other development institutes and industrial partners. They deal with optimization procedures in research and development of reciprocating internal combustion engines in thermodynamics, aerodynamics, supercharging, emissions, engine management, engine dynamics and stress analysis. Further, we implement the plans of construction and optimizing of transmissions (mechanical, hydraulic or electrical), vehicle suspension design, including active mechatronic elements and their control. We also solve the problem of vehicle aerodynamics and passive safety.