Department of Manufacturing Technology

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  • Laboratories for mechanical tests (ripping tests, impact testing, mechanical testing machine LabTest 5.100SP2)

  • Casting laboratories (casting of aluminium, magnesium and ductile iron, electric tilting melting furnace PTS100/11Mg, thermal camera FLIR P640 – scale -40 °C – 2000 °C)

  • Laboratories for material analysis (material composition analysis, confocal laser scanning microscope LEXT OLS 3000, portable X-ray spectrometer - DELTA Standard, Spectrometer Q4 TASMAN - CCD spectrometer with a range for all metal alloys)

  • Laboratories for quality control of surface treatment treatment (measurement of material cleanliness, salt chamber Liebisch, Tear off meter Comtest)

  • Laboratories for metallography (confocal laser scanning microscope LEXT OLS 3000, metallographic microscope Carl Zeiss AxioObserver)

  • Laboratories for welding (robotic workstation for arc welding in protective atmosphere - a universal robot Fanuc ArcMate 100iC + welding sources Migatronic Sigma 400 Pulse, Pi 320 AC/DC, Fronius TransPuls Synergic 3200 CMT, workplace for automatic submerged arc welding - ESAB A2 Multitrac + LAF631, for welding bolts - BTH-TEC PRO-D 1600, LBS 060, microplasma welding - EWM microplasma Inverter 50, resistance welding - Dalex PMS 11-4 and plasma cutting, thermal spray arc - Margarido M45)

  • Laboratory for defectoscopy and metrology