Department of Manufacturing Technology

CZ   / EN  

Research Activities

Forming division

  • Conventional and special forming technologies
  • Computer aid and numerical simulation of production processes
  • Research in the lifespan of the tools
  • Concepts of tool forming design
  • Formability parameter assessment (FLD curves, etc.)

Casting division

  • Conventional and special casting methods
  • Metallurgy of steels, cast irons, aluminium and magnesium alloys and other metal alloys
  • Tests of properties of moulding mixtures
  • Simulation of casting processes (ProCAST, NovaFlow & Solid, Vulcan)
  • Research in the lifespan of pressure casting moulds
  • Temperature pattern scanning in moulds
  • Technology of plastics and composites

Welding division

  • Conventional and special welding methods
  • Soldering (brazing), welding-on and thermal cutting of materials
  • Weldability of metallic materials
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing of welding joints
  • Numerical simulation of welding (Sysweld)
  • Monitoring and documentation of the welding procedure
  • Welding personnel training and qualifications (ZK, EN, IWE, IWT)

Surface treatment division

  • Anticorrosion protection, pre-treatment of surfaces
  • Electrolytic deposition, composite and alloy coatings
  • Conversion layers (anodic oxidation, blackening, phosphating)
  • Painting systems
  • Assessment of tribological properties of surface treatment methods
  • Training and qualification of personnel in surface treatment (European Corrosion Engineer).

Specialists division

  • Technical diagnostics
  • Testing of mechanical properties of materials
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials
  • Measuring and controlling of surface treatment quality
  • Spectral and metallographic analyses
  • CTN – Centre for Technical Standardization