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Prospective students

How to become a top engineer in mechanical engineering?

Build a good theoretical foundation: choose a bachelor.
Deepen your knowledge in master study programme , field of study Applied Mechanics, Biomechanics and medical instruments or Mechatronics..

The field will enable you to:

  • choose a topic of the thesis associated with other master's departments,
  • choose a topic of the thesis associated with the projects of the department or with a particular company,
  • work in research and development and in virtually any field of engineering.

The field Biomechanics and medical instruments will give you opportunity to:

  • choose a topic for thesis associated with topics of other universities or a particular company,
  • work as a researcher, designer of medical devices and rehabilitation aids
  • or organ replacement, or become technical collaborator of medical and rehabilitation teams.

The field Mechatronics will enable you to:

  • solve challenging stationary and non-stationary internal and external tasks connected to mechanics of incompressible and compressible fluids, theory of thermal calculations for machinery and equipment,
  • gain knowledge in interdisciplinary fields like mechatronics, biomechanics, mathematical modeling and aerodynamics of atmospheres,
  • work with qualified professionals in research, development and practice of all engineering fields when applying mechatronics as synergies of machines with electronics and intelligent computer control.