Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

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From Projects to Products

Educational, research and development activities of our department are focused on mechanical engineering technologies. Our students gain knowledge on designing technologies of production processes and systems. Such fundamentals enable them to realize the potential of individual production technologies and to use this knowledge in further context in creating concepts of new production processes and systems and/or rationalizing existing ones.
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The research and development activity of our department, in cooperation with industrial partners, is focused on mechanical engineering technologies covering both classical and unconventional machining methods. We offer development of machining technologies that meet requirements for parameters on the surface integrity and on the geometrical specifications of products. We deal with the development and production of special cutting tools for particular applications. We create concepts of monitoring of geometrical specifications of products including measurement. In the field of industrial engineering the department is engaged in designing new production and assembly systems and optimization of existing ones by applying modern tools of the “Digital Factory“ concept. In the fields the department is engaged in we are providing specialized training courses for personnel from industrial enterprises.
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