Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

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Research Activities

Development and Optimization of Machining Technology

Our department is engaged in creating and optimizing milling, turning, boring and grinding. In order to produce efficient parts with required properties it is essential to choose the appropriate process of machining, cutting conditions, methods of clamping of workpieces and choose the best tools and material. We aim to provide such technology which would shorten the production time, lower the costs and improve quality properties of the product. These technologies are designed with use of modern CAM software.

Production of samples for testing the mechanical properties

Production of samples for high and low cycle fatigue according to corporate standards designed by National Center for Research, Development and Testing in Aerospace.


The department is engaged in designing and analyses of production processes and systems of industrial partners from the viewpoint of combined technical and organizational aspects applying modern tools of the concept of a “Digital Factory“ focused on principles of lean production, lean logistics and ergonomy aimed at enhancement of the economical effectivity of production.

  • Designing new production processes
  • Modernization and optimization current production processes and systems
  • Consultancy in the field of investment planning
  • Application of modern tools of “Digital Factory“ concept

Mechanical engineering metrology

Metrological equipment of the department allows measurement of the dimensional characteristics on coordinate measuring machine, measuring the surface quality in terms of roughness and residual stress, measurement of cutting forces and temperatures during machining.

Development and manufacture of measurement products

Based on our experience we are able to design and manufacture test fixtures according to customer requirements. Product development is carried out with regards to the dimensional characteristics which are subject to measurement. Clamping elements provide robust and easy clamping of the product. The material is selected in terms of the weight of the preparation and lifetime.

Training in the field of metrology and quality management

  • Introduction to the basics of metrology and coordinate measurement
  • Geometrical specifications of the product - GPS
  • Basics of Coordinate Measuring
  • Statistical Regulation of Process and capability - SPC, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk
  • Measurement System Analysis - MSA, R&R
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments - DOE
  • Theory gearing, production and measurement