Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

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pracoviste/12110/20130410_013_Ryszawy.jpgStudents, who graduate from one of the courses provided by the Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering - Information and Automation Technology and Instrumentation and Control Engineering, will find suitable jobs in all technical fields where it is necessary to control the technical processes. These are mainly the control of technological lines in the consumer goods, chemical and food industries, and control of environmental and process.

In the basic stage of bachelor programme you will be provided with knowledge focused on the industries like engineering, mechanics, dynamics of systems, thermo and hydrodynamics, energetics and of course mathematics which are important for successful implementation of control systems and if you chose to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering you would have to seek how to gain this knowledge.
In the stage of professional studies you will get acquainted with both classical and modern methods of control, from the PID controllers or PLC automatic machines, fuzzy regulators, neuron networks to complex regulatory systems with the structure and algorithms that are tailored to the specific application. Modern control systems today use a database and knowledge systems, and you will have the opportunity to see their creation and implementation.
Graduates from our Department have great job opportunities and this year the demand from our industrial partners for graduates of our programmes has been higher than we can currently meet.