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Prospective students

Why is it better to study Control and Information technology at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Prague, than in other faculties?

If you want to work in designing control systems, you cannot only to learn about the control itself, but it is always necessary to understand the controlled processes and mechanisms, i.e. even physical phenomena and properties (dynamics, kinematics, fluid mechanics, strength and elasticity, thermomechanics, etc.) and to know the basics of system design (machines, mechanisms, measuring systems). Control systems are in principle like a construction kit and it is not so difficult to learn how to use them. A different case would be for example if graduates were supposed to design programmable controllers. But in most cases is the majority of parts purchased already finished. Our graduates, who master electronics, can indeed design and implement a microcomputer. However, it is always better if the control system is designed by the person who understands how the controlled machine works - for example, operation or its optimization of a manufacturing machine should be carried out by a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This would prevent many occurrence of many unpleasant and dangerous surprise stemming from a misunderstanding of the nature of the process.
We are pleased to see that representatives of many companies are interested in cooperating with graduates of our automation and information programmes mainly because they graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - thus they are focused on understanding the physical essence of phenomena which they will face while solving practical problems.