Department of Production Machines and Equipment

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Research base of mechanical engineering technology in the Czech Republic

The Department of Production Machines and Equipment U12135 and Research Centre for Mechanical Engineering Technology (RCMT) form one department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Prague which is focused on research and education of the field “Machine Tools”, which is the field of machining and forming machines and related automation. The history of the Department goes back to 1926 when it was part of the department of Machining Technology but it was further developed in 1960 into an independent department with its head prof. Josef.

Focus of the Department

The main aim of the department is to create research and professional base for manufacturing technology in the Czech Republic and top research establishment on a global level. To be the best educational authority in the field and to support its popularization and thus to educate and train a new generation of young researchers in the field, to provide continuity and perform research in the field in the Czech Republic. We focus also on research of new solution and perspective technologies for the future.
In the field of research and development of manufacturing machines and technologies, our main aim is to educate professionals who will cooperate with machine manufacturers when solving a wide range of technical issues and they will provide the industry with the newest technical findings and results. Through theoretically and experimentally verified knowledge, these specialists can contribute to raising the technical level of production machines developed in the Czech Republic and thereby increase their competitiveness in difficult markets.