Department of Production Machines and Equipment

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Research Activities

RCMT is a highly professional research and educational institution, which uses its state-of-the-art equipment to provide services to the industry of cutting and forming machines. RCMT is the main research base for manufacturing technology in the Czech Republic. Cooperation with the industry is among PME & RCMT’s core activities.

RCMT focuses on the development and application of modern methods, especially in the fields of

  • Advanced simulation models
  • Virtual prototyping and virtual testing
  • Development of advanced feed drive control techniques and vibration suppression methods
  • Application of unconventional materials and structures
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostics of machine tool condition
  • Compensation of machine tool thermal errors and design of additional measuring systems
  • Multi-axis machining technology
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of machine tool operation

We offer

  • Customized research, development and training for the industry;
  • Comprehensive support for machine tool development;
  • Simulations and measurements of static, dynamic and machine tool thermal properties;
  • Accredited Testing Laboratory services;
  • Design of machine tool diagnostic systems;
  • Energy and environmental optimization of machine tool design;
  • Improvement of machine tool accuracy;
  • Optimization of machining technology;
  • Development of postprocessors and five-axis machining solutions;
  • Solutions reducing production costs.