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LRI-AAST: L7 – Satellites laboratory

album/Album_Model_Album/1361/image2.jpegSatellites laboratory (part of the space division) serves mainly for structural and operational resistance in space conditions and it will be enlarged by satellite control and data centre. It plays an irreplaceable role during the research, development and space qualification of satellites, their parts and onboard equipment, as regulations still require verification of certain properties by performing a different kind of tests. The development of measuring techniques and the modernization of the laboratory itself will enable more accurate and faster data collection and will also enable the expansion of the possibilities of investigating given phenomena in space equivalent conditions at the Earth. This will make the performed measurements more efficient and increase the scientific level. New technologies include optical testing, roentgen measurement in thermo vacuum chamber, the chamber for thermocycling, high acoustic pressure chamber, radio control systems, data storage and management systems etc.


Satellites laboratory is located at the Prague 9 – Letnany VZLU campus, Beranovych 130

album/Album_Model_Album/1361/image1.jpegEquipment and parameters

  • Clean room (ISO8, ISO7)
    • Construction, soldering, measurement
    • Cleanliness - room: ISO8 (100,00) 30m2, ISO7 (10,000) 25m2
  • Vibration tests (quasistatic, sinus, random, shock)
  • Thermovacuum chamber
    • Chamber volume: 1m3, vacuum: less than 10-3 Pa
    • Temperature: range -70°C ÷150°C, accuracy: 0.1°C, speed: 1°C/min
    • Maximum dimensions of the object for testing in TV chamber: 850x950x800
  • SW for strength analysis (Patran/Nastran, Adams, Abaqus, ANSYS), simulations in Matlab, CAD/CAM design (Catia, PRO/E, ...)


Photogallery LRI-AAST: L7

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