Center of Aviation and Space research


NETME Centre – New Technologies for Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Brno University of Technology

pracoviste/CAAT/logo-netme.png NETME Centre is a centre based on high quality research and development of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology. The major strength of the Centre lies in its capability to organize a multidisciplinary research teams and subjects of over five hundred Faculty members. Hence, the Centre has quickly established itself as a modern and collaborative applied research R&D  centre.

GE Aviation Czech Republic

pracoviste/CAAT/general-electric-logo-vector.png GEAC is member of the General Electric's global network, which ranks as one of the largest aircraft engines manufacturer in the world. GEAC manufactures turboprop engines powering over 30 different types of aircraft, carrying passengers and cargo across six continents.