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LRI-AAST: L5 – Airframes and aircraft systems laboratory, L6 – Flight test laboratory

Well-equipped for the following activities, among others:

  • Airframe development of small airplanes made of steel and composite materials (including structure designs, strength analysis, production technology, manufacturing of a prototype)
  • Strength analysis of the aircraft parts for aircraft certification following CS-22, CS-23 regulations (static analysis, fatigue crack spreading simulation and lifetime evaluation, etc.)
  • Design of new aircraft systems/components (power aircraft systems, systems for increasing airplane safety)
  • Conclusive verification tests of aircraft designs – the testing laboratory is authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority No. L-3-040/9 to carry out conclusive verification tests of the airframe designs according to CS and FAR
  • Measuring mechanical quantities – measuring mechanical quantities using electricity for up to 172 channels and a sampling frequency of up 250.000 samples per second with the possibility of synchronous recording with a high-speed video camera.


album/Album_Model_Album/1360/image1.jpegThe airframes and aircraft systems laboratory and the flight test laboratory are located in the C3a building (a separate block specially built for drop tests), the C2 / 103 fatigue test room and the leased space at Křižanov Airport. The dislocation of the laboratory is organised according to the following activities:

  • Building C3a
    • 1PP (underground) - heavy grate for static and fall tests, implementation of vibration tests, autoclave and environmental tests
    • 1st floor (above ground floor) - implementation of static tests, blasting machine
    • 2nd floor - preparation of composites and clean room, wind tunnel
    • 3rd floor - office space
  • Test hall in C2 / 103 - fatigue tests laboratory
  • Křižanov airport area - implementation of flight tests, drop tests, aircraft technology tests

Photogallery LRI-AAST: L5, L6

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