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LRI-AAST: L2 laboratory: PROP1 and PROP2 test cells

Lab Equipment Application
L2 PROP1 – propeller test cell 1
PROP2 – propeller test cell 2
Test cells are designed for complete testing of turboprop engines up to 1500 kW at a stationary site. It allows not only monitoring and capturing of vibration characteristics of individual engine parts but also characteristics of all engine operating parameters (temperature and pressure, power, consumption, noise, etc.).


album/Album_Model_Album/1356/image1.jpegTwo mobile propeller test stand laboratories for turboprop engine are located at the Hradec Králové Airport. The laboratories are equiped with a sophisticated propeller system and a stationary site reducer, the HW and SW equipment of the test rooms enables monitoring and sensing of the vibration characteristics of individual parts of the complete engine (including the drive propeller).


Power of test engine to 1500 kW
Air flow to 200 m3/s
Exhaust gas temperature before dilution to 750°C
Maximum flue gas temperature after mixing on the corridor wall in reverse mode 130°C
Propeller to diameter to 2667mm
Thrust to 22000 N
The reverse mode corresponds to 1/3 of the forward flow and thrust values

PROP1 and PROP2 test cells are identical, each has own control room and conference room, fuel management, compressors and other key infrastructure supporting equipment. 



Photogallery LRI-AAST: L2

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