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Ondřej Červený

Ing. Ondřej Červený

ondrej.cerveny (at) fs.cvut.cz


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Journal papers


  • MEASUREMENT OF SOLID PARTICLE EMISSIONS FROM OXY-FUEL COMBUSTION OF BIOMASS IN FLUIDIZED BED – Červený, O. - Vybíral, P. - Hemerka, J., - Mareš, L., Acta Polytechnica. 2022, 62(3), 337-340. ISSN 1805-2363.

Proceeding papers


  • Method of determining the dilution factor of an ejector dilutor when diluting a gas of different composition from the calibration gas – Červený, O. - Mareš, L. - Vybíral, P., - Hemerka, J., In: European Aerosol Conference 2021. The Aerosol Society, 2021. p. 151.
  • Concentration and size distribution of solid particle emissions from oxy-fuel combustion of biomass in a fluidized bed – Červený, O. - Vybíral, P. - Hemerka, J., - Mareš, L., In: 24th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA 2021 VIRTUALLY. Prague: Czech Society of Chemical Engineering, 2021.