Department of Designing and Machine Components

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The aim of the Department is to train universally educated designers who will find jobs in a broad spectrum of engineering companies. The department provides lectures on both bachelor and master study programme levels and education is based on the project activity of students.


Projects always last 1 semester and can be related either one to another or be complementary among a larger number of students. It is very common that the students already during their studies conclude a contract on cooperation with companies which gives them certainty they will, after graduating, get a job.

The person responsible for timetable is Ing. Roman UHLÍŘ, Ph.D.

The technical focus of the department is on the preparation of technical documentation, machine parts and mechanisms; transport, agricultural and construction machinery and equipment for mining and mineral processing.


pracoviste/12113/vyhlaska.jpgDecrees and regulations for individual subjects Ú12113 issued by the Head of the Department of Designing and Machine Components in cooperation with guarantors of courses.