UL-39 aircraft

Published: 28. 04. 2016

A development of the UL-39 aircraft is performed at Department of Aerospace Engineering at CTU in Prague in cooperation with LA composite, Ltd. and JIHLAVAN airplanes, Ltd. This project offers a new conception of UL aircraft, which enable „jet feeling” in UL category. Propulsion unit is realized by ducted fan driven by high-speed motorcycle piston engine.

The airplane is all composite manufactured from a carbon fiber prepregs made by autoclave technology.

Wingspan 7,22 m
Length  7,49 m
Height 2,99 m
Mass 320 kg
VMIN 65 km/h
VD 340 km/h

Project manager: Robert Theiner,, Phone: +420 224 357 7423

UL-39 Albi (Youtube)

UL-39 Albi RollOut