Master’s Degree Programmes


New accredited study programmes according to the Law No. 137/2016 Sb. By which the Law No. 11/1998 Sb. Is changed, are valid 10 years, i. e. until 2028.



FME CTU in Prague accepts maximum 50 students for master’s study programme.
The study programme Automation and Instrumentation for academic year 2023/2024 will be open only in full-time form of study.
The study programme provided in English language is charged (the tuition fee is 66 000 CZK per semester is set according to the Annex no.5 “Tuition fee for the study“ of the CTU Prague Status).

(1) Study applications

Registration to study at FME CTU in Prague is provided online via electronic application from January 3, 2023 till March 31, 2023 on the link:

The application will be accepted to the admission process after the e-mail address verification, the charge payment verification and closing the application form. In case the application form is not closed and registered to the admission process within 5 days (check the electronic application), please contact the Study Department of the   FME   CTU in Prague   (Monika Matyášová: phone: +420 224 352 587 or e-mail:

The last term to submit the application form is March 31, 2023.

After the registration to the admission process the applicant has to submit to the Study Department the documents by June 30, 2023. (when sent by the post office the letter is required to be stamped by June 30, 2023 at the latest, when submitted in person, the letter has to be delivered by 1 pm, at the Study Department, Technická 4,  160  00,  Praha 6).

Applicants will submit:
In case of the completed bachelor study abroad, they will submit officially verified copy of the Nostrification documents (Decision and Clause) and officially verified copy of the University Degree and officially verified Transcript of records in the English language.
In case of successfully admission process the signed study agreement and the tuition fee payment (66 000 CZK per semester) are the conditions to be admitted to study.

(2) Application payment

The admission process fee (850 CZK) per application can be paid as follows:

  • On-line payment by credit card or QR code
  • Account transfer or electronic banking cash in any branch of Komerční banka a. s.

In order the payment is not matched with the application, it is necessary to submit a confirmation slip (including name, surname and application code), type A slip or its copy, or a slip of cashless payment, can be submitted as a confirmation. The payment or the overpayment is not refundable.
The fee is submitted only to the account:
Name of account: ČVUT v Praze Fakulta strojní, Technická 4, 160 00  Praha 6
Bank: KB a.s. – pobočka Praha 6
Account number: 19-5505030267/0100,
Variabil symbol: 77777,
Specific symbol: application number
Payments from abroad:
IBAN: CZ 420 100 000019 5505030267,
All admission process charges have to be paid by the applicant (OUR).

(3) Verification of compliance with the conditions for admission to study

The ordinary graduation in bachelor technical field study programme is the condition of the admission to study. Its level reached has to be a guarantee of the master study programme graduate.

Submitted applications and documents are checked within the admission process. While binding deficiency is found, the applicant will be called upon to eliminate them immediately. In case the deficiency is not removed in time, the application process will be stopped. In case of providing incorrect information in the application form (discovered additionally after the delivery of the documents) the admission process will be stopped as well.

(4) Entrance exams

The parts of admission process in master programmes for both specializations:
Written examination can be in online form.

Check the bachelor knowledge from subjects of theoretical fundamental of study and course from design and technological focus.

The dean can waive the exams to the applicants who will graduate in academic year 2022/2023 in the bachelor programme of FME CTU in Prague in B2342 Theoretical Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering programme or the graduates who successfully finished this bachelor programme earlier and still have not studied the master study programme at FME CTU in Prague.

The applicants who failed in the master study at FME CTU in Prague (included the graduates of the bachelor study programmes B 2342 Theoretical Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering at FME CTU in Prague) or the applicants who do not fulfil the condition to waive the written exams, will be invited to the admission process via email address verified in the application form. The entrance exams will be held in online version on May 11, 2023.

The applicants to whom the entrance exam have not been waived will be gradually tested from three groups of subjects. 

Online part of entrance examination  

Continuum Mechanics  
(Mechanics IA, IIA and IIIA, Strenghts of materials IA, IIA, Thermomechanics A and Fluid Dynamics A)
max. points per a group  40
Applied Mathematics
(Mathematics IA, IIA and IIIA, Numerical mathematics A) 
max. points per a group  30
Machine elements, materials and technology
(Machine elements and Parts of mechanism I and II, Material science I and II and Technology I and II)
max. points per a group  30
  Max. points from the writ. part 100

The applicants who scored at least 50 points will be admitted to study
The applicants who score 49 and less points will not be admitted to study.

(7) Terms

Application on admission process
Completed application form is considered to be submitted after verification of the e-mail address and charge payment (information can be checked in the electronic application). The deadline to submit the application is March 31, 2023.       '

The online entrance examination will be held on May 11, 2023.

Information about the admission process results
The applicant will be informed about the results of the entrance exams and the acceptance to study by email till May 26, 2023.

Study enrolment
On the day of the enrolment the applicant becomes a student. In case the student is not present at the enrolment on the given date without any excuse or his apology, he is not accepted and the faculty will proceed in accordance with applicable legislation of CTU in Prague.

Master’s study programme enrolment will take place at the FME CTU in Prague (Technická 4, Praha 6) according to a special enrolment schedule for the first year students.

Results of admission
The admission process results will be published by October 31, 2023 on the faculty website of the FME CTU in Prague.

(8) Extraordinary terms

The Dean of the faculty can set another extraordinary term for the application acceptance to the follow-up Master´s study programme at FME CTU in Prague as well as extraordinary term for written and oral examination and field interview first of all due to the current hygienic situation. In that case the information including the extraordinary schedule will be published on the faculty website.

(9) Admission commission

In accordance with the provisions of the Rules of admission process CTU in Prague the Dean will decide during February 2023 to form the main admission commission and by April 2023 the partial admission commissions.

(10) Discussion and approval of the conditions by Academic Senate

The conditions were discussed and approved by the Academic Senate of the FME CTU in   Prague on its ordinary 24. Session on November 30, 2022.

doc. Ing. Luděk Beneš, Ph.D. m. p.
Head of AS FME CTU in Prague
doc. Ing. Miroslav Španiel, CSc. m. p.
Dean of FME CTU in Prague