Master’s Degree Programme Master Of Automotive Engineering

The Conditions of the Czech Technical University In Prague for Admission To Study in the Master’s Degree Programme MASTER OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING

Double-degree study programme in English language is provided at CTU Prague (CZ), HAN Arnhem (NL), ENSTA Bretagne, Brest (F), ITB Bandung (RI), TU Chemnitz (D).
(At the same time the related programme will be opened as a simple-degree programme provided in English language and conducted only at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Prague.)

at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with an enrollment to academic year 2023/2024.

CTU in Prague accepts maximum 50 students for full-time study at Master of Automotive Engineering programme.

Specialization of Master of Automotive Engineering programme

  • Vehicle Dynamics and Control
  • Design of Vehicles / Architecture des véhicules
  • Modelisation / Modelisation
  • Advanced Powertrains (also opened in single-degree Master of Automotive Engineering)
  • Full Cells Drives / Brennstoffzellenantriebe

(1) Study applications

Registration to study at CTU in Prague, MAE study programme is provided on-line, electronic application via:


The application process is open from January 3, 2023 and including attachments must be submitted at the latest:
by MArch 31,2023 (for the applicants from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic)
by May 1,2023 (applicants from abroad).

In order the applicant is willing to study the first academic year abroad, the application form including the attachments are required to be sent to:

HAN, K.Bouwman, P.O. Box 2217, Arnhem, NL-6802 CE, The Netherlands
ENSTA Bretagne, Y.Marco,2 rue Francois Verny, Brest, F-29806, France
TU Chemnitz, Alternative Fahrzeugantriebe, Prof. T. Unwerth, 09107, Chemnitz, Germany
ITB, I. P. Nurprasetio, JI. Ganesa, Bandung 40132, Indonesia

The application and all enclosed documents are required to be submitted in English language.

Application attachments:

  • in English language officially verified Transcript of Records completed in the bachelor‘s programme
  • Officially verified copy of bachelor‘s diploma (the applicants obtaining their bachelor diploma in summer semester 2022/23 have to present the verified copy of the diploma by 14 September 2023 at the latest). The students from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic are allowed to present the diploma in Czech or Slovak language including Czech-English or Slovak-English version. Students from abroad are required to present the diploma in English language or a certified translation of the diploma into English language. Students from abroad have to reach the Nostrification of bachelor diploma by the end of academic year when applying to MAE.
  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Self-assessment
  • Copy of one of English language proficiency certificates at minimum B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (TOEFL min 550, Computerised TOEFL min.213, TOEIC min.750, IELTS min.6 or Cambridge exam FCE, CAE), excluding of the partnership school students passing the exams in English language at university
  • Copy of passport or identification card (concerning only the students from abroad)
  • Copy of French language certificate (if exists – f.ex.DALF or DELF).
  • Original of one of German language certificates (DSH-1, DSH-2, TestDaF (Stufe3), ZOP, KDS, GDS, DSDII, FSP, Goethe-Institut Zeugnis min B2) if exists.

The application is closed automatically after the e-mail address verification and the charge payment verification.

In case the application is not closed and registered to the admission process by 5 days (check in the electronic application), please contact the Study Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Prague (Mrs. Monika Matyášová: Phone: +420 224 352 587 or e-mail:
After the registration to the admission process the applicants have to submit to the Study Department the following documents by June 30, 2023.

(2) Payment of the fee

The admission process fee (850 CZK) per application can be paid as follows:

  • On-line payment by credit card or QR code
  • Account transfer or electronic banking
  • Cash in any branch of Commercial Bank

In order the payment is not matched with the application, it is necessary to submit a confirmation slip (including name, surname and application code),type A slip or its copy, or a slip of cashless payment, can be submitted as a confirmation. The payment or the overpayment is not refundable. The fee is CZK 850 (admissing process charge determined by § 58,col.1law no.111/1998, the amount of the fee was determined by the rector of CTU in Prague on February 16, 2021 according to artl.11 col.2 Statut of CTU in Prague).
The fee is submitted only to the account:

Address: ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta strojní, Technická 4, 160 00 Praha 6
Bank: KB, a .s. - Praha 6
Account number: 19-5505030267/0100
Variabil symbol: 77777
Specific symbol: application number
Payments from abroad:
IBAN: CZ 420 100 000019 5505030267, SWIFT:KOMBCZ PPXXX
All admission process charges have to be paid by the applicant (OUR)

(3) Application process

Completed application form after verification of e-mail address and verification of the payment of  charge (check in the electronic application) is considered to be submitted.

(4) Admission process

  • Completed bachelor study programme of the technical field is the condition for the admission and enrollment for MAE study programme. Its level reached has to be a guarantee of the profile of MAE programme graduate.
  • The knowledge of English language has to be proved by English proficiency certificate
  • The condition of the admission process is to submit the application. The applications are assessed by members of the admission commission formed by equal number of members from all partnership schools. The admission process is equal for all applicants regardless of the country of student’s origin. The decision on admission to study has to be confirmed by all members of the commission. The selection of the commission members are governed by the Cooperation Agreement concluded among the partnership universities.
To the applicants beyond the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic will be taken into account as follows:
  • Weighted grade average of all bachelor study of the designated technical field (recalculated to the decimal rating system where 10 is the best rating, 0 is the worst rating- in between 6 and 8 is linearly interpolated).
0 - 6 7 8 - 10
0 10 20
Weighted grade average of all bachelor study without taking into account the marks from the bachelor thesis/final project(recalculated to the decimal rating system where 10 is the best rating, 0 is the worst rating – between 6 -8 is linearly interpolated.).
8 - 10
  • Furthermore technical practice in the field of mechanical engineering will be evaluated in the period at least 6 months as the following: for each 6 months of an intership 2,5 points will be added maximum till 2 years (maximum you can reach only 10 points).  
  • English language proficiency will be evaluated as follows: IELTS, the points from the other certificates will be recalculated to decimal rating system, where 10 is the best rating and 0 is the worst rating.
6 6,5 7 7,5 8 and more
0 5 10 15 20
  • In case of ambiguity the applicant (excluding applicants from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic) can be invited by any member of the commission to on-line interview.  
  • Each applicant is evaluated +/- 30 points by each member of the commission. The total number of points will be averaged by each member of the commission and added to the points above. The applicants reaching the highest number of points will admissed to study.

The applicants from the Czech republic and Slovak Republic has to take part in entrance examination  May 11, 2023 in the scope and contant on master study programmes at CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

In case of non-acceptable epidemiologic situation in the Czech Republic, the entrance exam can be provided on-line.

The parts of the admission process in MAE programme:

  1. written examination to check the bachelor knowledge from subjects of theoretical fundamental of study and courses from design and technological focus
  2. oral examination to add the written exam results
  3. field interview to check the assumptions for a study of selected specialization

The Dean will waiv both written and oral examination to the applicants who graduate in academic year 2022/23 in bachelor programme of CTU, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering B 2342 Theoretical fundamental of mechanical engineering (excluding to the graduates of the bachelor study programmes who has done follow-up master programme at CTU Fac.of Mech.Eng.)

Each applicant have to take part in the field interview.

The applicants who failed in the follow-up master study at FME CTU in Prague (included the graduates of the programme B2342 Theoretical Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering at FME CTU in Prague) or the applicants who do not fulfill the condition to waive the written and oral examination, will be invited to the admission process by registered letter at the permanent address. The term of the entrance examination and the field interview is set on May 11, 2023.
1) Written part of the entance examination

Continuum Mechanics
(Mechanics IA, IIA and IIIA, Strenghts of materials IA, IIA, Thermomechanics A and Fluid Dynamics A)
max. points per a group 40
Applied Mathematics 
(Mathematics IA, IIA and IIIA, Numerical mathematics A)
max. points per a group 30
Machine elements, materials and technology
(Machine elements and Parts of mechanism I and II, Material science I and II and Technology I and II)
max. points per a group 30
  Max.points from the writ.part 100

The applicants to whom the entrance exam have not been waived will be gradually tested from the groups of subjects. Each test lasts 60 minutes maximum , there are breaks among the examinations.

To the graduates of the bachelor study programmes at CTU in Prague B 2341 Engineering and B 2343 Power and process engineering or to the graduates bachelor study programmes of engineering and similar technical programmes and specializations from other universities, the previous study will be taking into account as follows:
Criteria Each A- exam
(courses of FME CTU)
Weighted grade average for the last bachelor study
Deadline date March 31, 2023
<1,00 -1,20=""> (1,20-1,40> (1,40-1,50>

3 [1]

20 10 5

The students are required to submit a document specifying the study average for previous bachelor study by March 31, 2023 at the latest (the study average reached during the bachelor study by March 31, 2023 at FME CTU Prague will be automaticly generated).

These points will be calculated to the results of the written entrance examination.

  • The applicants who scored at least 50 points are invited directly to the field interview.
  • The applicants who score 49-33 points have to pass written exam.
  • The applicants who score 32 points and less will not be admitted to study.

2) The oral part of the examination

This part will take place in the form of an interview about the results of the written examination including additional questions to set up an individual study plan to implement missing required knowledge. The applicant can be accepted to MAE in case his knowledge is not perfect in the subjects above but the admission commission shall consider he can to implement the required knowledge. In such a case the commission sets the conditions for a student to implement his knowledge. Usually it is set to complete one of the listed courses of the theoretical fundamentals of the study on the masster level to pass successfully. To the candidate, who achieved less than 50 points, an individual study plan, minimum one course will be set up.  The student is supposed to enroll for the courses to set by the commission during  the first semester of master study.

The study conditions, possibly the individual plan become a part of the decision to admit to study.

3) Field interview

When selecting the applicants, the next will be taken into account:

  • the study average and the period of the previous study and similarity of the completed courses
  • professional experience and the participation in the student professional competition
  • the level of the bachelor‘s thesis and the results of the final state exam (while completed).

(5) Terms

Application admission process
Completed application form of the students from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic is considered to be submitted after verification of the e-mail adress and charge payment (information can be checked in electronic application). The deadline to submit the application is March 31, 2023.

All the other applicants have make on-line registration to the system by May 1, 2023 at the latest. (
Information about the admission process results

The applicant will be informed by letter about the results of the entrance examination and the Decision on admission to study by May 26, 2023 at the latest.
Study enrollment

The students will be informed about the necessary enrollment documents by e-mail on September 8, 2023. These documents have to be filled and sent electronically to the Study department by September 12, 2023 at the latest so that to make possible an on-line enrollment. The master programmes enrolment will take place at FME CTU Prague (Technická 4, Prague 6) on September 15, 2023. Upon the enrollment the students will obtain The original decision to admit to studies.

This date is due to the date of the final state exam of the FME CTU Prague the only possible and binding date and will be mentioned in the information about the successfull passing of the entrance exam and will be sent to an applicant.

On the day of the enrollment the applicant becomes a student according to the law no.111/98 sb. as amended.

In case the student is not present at the enrollment of the given date (about the enrollment date the student will be informed in advance by post to his contact address) without any excuse or his apology will not be accepted, the faculty will proceed in accordance with applicable legislation of CTU Prague. The final report of an admission procedure will be published on the official board of the faculty by October 31, 2023.
Final report of an admission procedure

Final report of an admission procedure will be published on the official board of the faculty by October 31, 2023.

(6) Discussion and approval of the conditions by Academic Senate

These conditions were discussed and approved by the Academic Senate of the FME CTU Prague on its ordinary session on November 30, 2022. It was discussed and approved according to the law no.137/2016 Sb. in accordance to which the law 111/1998 Sb. has been changed.

[1] The enrolment of  completed Alfa subjects at CTU FME Prague (from all previous studies at FME CTU Prague maximum 5 years old) have to be applied individually upon the study application (the exams will not be included automatically).